Mentorship Reflection

My journey started with some struggle no doubt. I'd have really hoped to have been able to mentor under someone or someplace with a more illustrative focus, but obviously, that didn't quite work out. After several weeks of failed attempts to get in touch with and even more difficult to get studios and agencies to… Continue reading Mentorship Reflection


3 Logo’s

Maybe it's because I don't know enough about myself, or I'm just very easily swayed, but I feel like I could've kept going for a while longer on logo sketches. The three that I chose represent 3 different directions, the clock is definitely more obviously conceptual and design-y (for lack of a better term), and… Continue reading 3 Logo’s

not done

Here are some progress pictures of work so far. A pretty rough 2/3 pages. First picture is approximately how I'm planning to layout the artwork. Probably illegible for everyone else, but a helpful reference. I started sketching things out on nicer paper to be scanned later on. I've interpreted the story in a very anecdotal… Continue reading not done