Reflection – Brief and Moodboards

Pretty frustrating, I don’t know the balance of what I aspire to be, and I don't feel like I currently know which direction to pick/how long it'll take to get to a place where I'm creatively fulfilled. In the beginning, it felt a lot like I just kind of like everything. What I ended up doing… Continue reading Reflection – Brief and Moodboards


Reflection – 100 (Logo) Sketches

It was easy to kind of throw strange ideas out there at first that simply fit the aesthetic of my mood boards, and reflected some key brand qualities. I don't think I've yet arrived at one that completely encompasses my brand/essence in a succinct visual, but I think the first 100 as well as presenting/making… Continue reading Reflection – 100 (Logo) Sketches

not done

Here are some progress pictures of work so far. A pretty rough 2/3 pages. First picture is approximately how I'm planning to layout the artwork. Probably illegible for everyone else, but a helpful reference. I started sketching things out on nicer paper to be scanned later on. I've interpreted the story in a very anecdotal… Continue reading not done


This was surprisingly difficult. I found it incredibly hard to compress the things I wanted to say in 60 words. In the end, with consideration on GiantAnt being a fairly story-focused motion graphics studio, I sacrificed some of my word space to try and speak on something relatable and engaging. Having very few achievements and… Continue reading Resume